2019 Destination Marketing Summit Call for Papers

The Florida Association of Destination Marketing Organizations' Destination Marketing Summit was created to provide networking and training for DMO staff on leading edge innovations in tourism marketing training, convention sales, industry relations and technology. DMO members, affiliated partners, advertising agencies and other vendors interested in educating and networking with DMOs are invited to submit presentations for the 2019 Destination Marketing Summit taking place at the Hutchinson Shores Resort in Jensen Beach, Florida, May 22-24, 2019.

Here are some examples of the types of presentations our members are interested in:

Tourism Marketing

  • Event promotions & marketing
  • Market development, marketing successfully
  • Cutting edge marketing trends
  • Ways to measure and communicate ROI for activities
  • What our message should be and how are we selling our destination.

Convention Sales

  • Convention center marketing strategies
  • Tips for a successful and productive FAM
  • Shifting role of DMOs in group sales
  • International Tourism
  • Competing as a small player in the huge market of group meetings, conferences and conventions

Industry Relations

  • Membership / Partnership CVB models - which are most successful, how to develop and expand while balancing goals
  • Reaching /Training tourism partners ... ie hotel front desk staff, restaurant staff, small business, etc. to understand the importance of being frontline tourism ambassadors; reaching hoteliers to understand the importance of tracking visitors, why they are in town, where from, etc.
  • Community relations


  • A forecast of what the visitor to Florida might look like 5 years & out from today.
  • How the rest of the DMO's are doing.
  • The future of visitor information centers
  • Gathering data for strategic marketing responses to unexpected events such as Zika and Red Tide.
  • International Tourism - Who's coming to Florida?
  • Where to find economic data when you're a small DMO and cannot purchase STR reports, etc...


  • Latest and greatest products, services and trends in technology
  • Media outreach, social media, international marketing, web-based and mobile marketing
  • Technology Searches – what on the horizon?
  • Paid Search
  • Getting engagement with our web-site
  • Measuring ROI on social media

On Thursday, May 23rd, there will be 2 concurrent sessions totaling 12 hours of programming. We are looking for several sessions delivering detailed tourism marketing, convention sales, industry relations and technology education.

Consideration for Speaking
DMO members are encouraged to submit presentations sharing your successes and challenges over the past year. One of the best ways our members learn is by sharing with each other what has worked well, as well as what you have learned from your challenges.

Affiliate members, advertising agencies and other vendors interested in educating and networking with DMOs are also encouraged to submit presentations to let DMOs know what valuable products and services are available, and how you can help them address their challenges.

Presenting to FADMO members is a terrific business development opportunity and a way to increase your visibility in the Florida tourism marketing industry. All presentation submissions are reviewed by our DMO members in a member survey and the top-rated presentations are selected for the program. If selected, you will be featured in the event brochure as an expert and given expert status at the event.

Submit your presentation:
This year we are accepting all presentation submissions electronically. Please visit the following link to submit your presentation:

2019 Summit Speaker Submission

Please be prepared to submit the following information:

  1. Session Title
  2. Brief session description (4-5 sentences) 
  3. A brief biography
  4. 1-2 references 
  5. Any compensation requests

Please note that we may video record your presentation. If we record your presentation, we will provide you a copy of the video for your use.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Please email [email protected], or call 850-222-6000 if you have any questions.